Clinic Dogs

Clinic Dogs

Meet our 2 dogs, Nellie and Bessie.


Nellie is a gentle, thirteen-year-old groodle who has greeted both children and adults at the clinic for the past three and a half years.

Nellie is particularly popular with children, many of whom specifically request to have their appointments on days when Nellie is in the office.

Nellie’s presence has been a boon to the clinic, as she has helped fearful or reluctant children to engage with the clinic and its psychologists.

Children on the autism spectrum, in particular, respond to Nellie and find patting her to be calming and to help them regulate themselves. 


Bessie is a five year old accredited therapy dog and is available to provide Animal Assisted Interventions (AAT) to help clients to reach their goals, and engage in a positive therapy experience. She is able to help children and adults better regulate their emotions in sessions.  She is very popular with all those who visit the centre.