Perinatal Services

Perinatal Anxiety and/or Depression

We understand and we care. 

Are you suffering from Perinatal Depression and/or Anxiety?

Perinatal depression and anxiety affect one in six mothers (about 15%). Common symptoms include:

  • Not enjoying things you previously enjoyed
  • Trouble with concentration and memory
  • Unable to complete tasks and chores
  • Feeling sad or depressed most of the day
  • Feeling more angry and irritable
  • Feeling anxious and worried
  • Self-blame and feeling worthless
  • Feeling scared or panicky
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • Concerns about your bonding and attachment to your baby

You may only be suffering from one or two of these symptoms so it is important to make an appointment with your GP to voice your concerns.



Antenatal Counselling and Groups

During pregnancy, approximately 1 in 10 women experience psychological changes including stress, depression, or anxiety. Our support team of psychologists will provide practical strategies to help manage these feelings during pregnancy and prepare for parenthood.  We also provide counselling for those parents who suffer the loss of a baby and those experiencing fertility problems.

Postnatal Counselling and Groups

The arrival of a new baby is a joyful yet challenging and overwhelming time for couples. In Australia, one in six mums (or 15%) has postnatal anxiety and/or depression. Feelings can include sadness, worry, loneliness, anger, irritability, hopelessness, guilt, social withdrawal, loss of confidence and feelings of failure. Our services, including psychological counselling and weekly support groups (currently on hold), aim to provide essential support and guidance to help mums navigate this difficult period and find joy in motherhood.


We have experienced psychologists who can guide you through the demands and challenges of parenthood. We know the importance of parent-child interactions, as well as infant mental health. Our psychologists can help you with attachment, sleep, feeding and behavioural issues. Our child psychologists are also available to assist in parenting and behaviour management and provide therapy for several childhood issues, including anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD and dealing with separation. We have individual sessions for several parenting programs including Triple P and Circle of Security available at the clinic (group programs are currently on pause).

For Dads

Becoming a dad is an exciting time, but we know that 10% of fathers are at risk of developing postnatal depression and/or anxiety. The changes in family dynamics, added responsibilities, and lack of sleep can all take their toll on dads and strain their relationship with their partners.  Our counselling services are available to support fathers navigating these changes, providing strategies to help both themselves and their partners overcome postnatal depression.

Helpful Resources

We have also produced this series of videos which you can watch right now to learn more about the variety of symptoms associated with postnatal depression.