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Psychological Services

Our team consists of dynamic and experienced professionals who offer a wide range of psychological services. We provide counselling for individuals, couples, and groups. In addition, we conduct assessments and offer specialised support for perinatal anxiety and depression.


Our team of psychologists provide comprehensive psychological assessment and counselling for individuals across all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and groups. As registered professionals with AHPRA and the Psychology Board of Australia, we are committed to delivering high-quality care. We treat a wide range of psychological and mental health issues. Our expertise extends to helping clients overcome challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, stress, and parenting difficulties. By employing evidence-based therapeutic strategies, we ensure that our interventions are effective and tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of each individual.



We provide comprehensive support for adults, empowering them to effectively manage a wide range of concerns. Our expertise extends to assisting individuals in navigating stress, conflict, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. We are equipped to provide guidance and assistance in coping with disabilities and various health problems, including those related to alcohol and drug use.


Our team is passionate about assisting children in managing a variety of concerns. We help children to address worry and anxiety, identify and regulate emotions, cope with depression, anger, friendships, and learning difficulties. We love working with children with all types of brains - those with neurodiverse brains, such as ADHD and Autism, and those with neurotypical brains.


We assist families in improving difficult relationships, parenting strategies, attachment and bonding, and navigating childhood behavioural and emotional challenges. We also help clients to navigate separation, divorce, or re-marriage, ensuring families have the necessary tools to thrive.

Psychological Assessments

Psychological testing is available for children, adolescents, and adults. Testing is used to determine strengths and weaknesses to help a person reach their full potential.

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Perinatal Support 

In 2007, Lisa Lindley established the Sunshine Coast PND Centre for the treatment of perinatal depression and anxiety. While our group programs are paused for 2023, we remain passionate about offering individual counselling services tailored to meet the unique needs of each woman and family during the perinatal period.

We have a number of psychologists who are experienced in the area and provide individual support. We address a wide range of topics including education about perinatal anxiety and/or depression, understanding thinking patterns, improving communication and self-esteem, adjusting to life changes, and reducing symptoms. Over the years, hundreds of women and couples have found participation in our counselling sessions to be helpful in their recovery from perinatal anxiety/depression.

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