Group Programs

Our team of experienced psychologists have been trained to provide a variety of programs and training to suit women, parents and children. We are also available to provide seminars and workshops to groups of professionals or parents. Some groups are designed to target a specific problem such as anxiety or depression, while other groups focus on improving social skills or dealing with a range of emotions. The advantages of group therapy is the opportunity to meet other people who have similar issue and helps you to see that you are not along. Group therapy has the added advantage of costing less than individual therapy, and can be extremely powerful and rewarding.

Parenting Programs

Circles of Security – Parenting Series

The Circle of Security Parenting Program (COS-P) is an internationally-acclaimed parenting program for parents with children of all ages. This series assists with understanding what children are asking of you as parents, managing their emotions (and your own) and increasing your confidence to manage difficult situations when they arise.

Triple P Parenting Program Level 4

The Triple P Parenting Program Level 4 is aimed at parents of children aged between 2 and 12 focuses on Positive Parenting and how to encourage positive behaviours in children. The program can be done in a group, individual or online setting, and is centred around Triple P’s 17 core positive parenting skills.

1-2-3 Magic

1-2-3 Magic is a discipline program for parents of children aged 2-12 which allows parents to maintain authority without raised voices or spanking. This program is centred around the concept of using silence as an effective disciplinary tool and aims to create a positive family life with parents as the main authority figures. 

Resilience Doughnut

The Resilience Doughnut is a strengths-based approach to discipline, developed at the Resilience Centre Australia. Using a research-based approach, this model is primarily focused upon developing resilience as a parent. This program gives parents a chance to identify their three main strengths as a parent, and the tools to effectively use those strengths in disciplinary situations.

Engaging Adolescents Parenting Program

The Engaging Adolescents Parenting Program is a three-week program tailored to parents of children aged 13-18 who have struggled with maintaining a good relationship with their teen. This program focuses upon the highs and lows of adolescence, including what is ‘normal’ behaviour for a teen; mental and physical changes; and tools to help parents decide if certain situations need their assistance.

Triple P Stepping Stones

The Triple P Stepping Stones group program is specifically aimed at assisting parents of children with disabilities. This includes suggestions of how to teach and encourage your child, while coping with the stressors of raising your child, using Positive Parenting. 

ABCD Parenting Program

The ABCD Parenting Program is focused upon parents with young adolescents (aged 10 – 14 years) who are navigating their way through various developmental challenges. This program uses the ideology that parents know the best path for their family and children and works on building good communication and setting boundaries. This program therefore offers strategies regarding the goals parents have set to achieve.

Signposts for Building Better Behaviour

Developed in Australia in 1998 by the Parenting Research Centre (PRC) and RMIT University staff as well as with parents., Signposts assists parents of children aged 3-16 who have an intellectual disability, developmental delay or other difficulty such as autism. This program uses an evidence-based approach to manage the sometimes difficult behaviour that parents encounter in children with a developmental delay.


Professional Developement and Training

Seminars and discussion groups of one to two hours can be developed and tailor made to suit the needs of various groups such as kindergartens, child care centres and schools.


  • Routines such as getting ready in the morning, bedtime, mealtimes
  • Managing drop off and separation anxiety issues
  • Managing tricky behaviours
  • Emotional regulation – how to encourage positive interactions

If you would like to hear us speak at your child’s centre or place of learning, please contact us at the clinic. A small fee will be negotiated to cover costs of staff time.

Other Programs

Programs for Children and Adolescents

There are a number of programs available for children and adolescents, please go here for more information.