Symptoms & Treatment

Symptoms and treatment options

PND symptoms can appear almost immediately or may take many months to manifest. We have recently surveyed over 200 women and here is a list of symptoms reported to us:

  • crying/sad/depressed/teary
  • anxiety/worry/panic
  • feeling like a failure/inadequate mother
  • tired/exhausted/fatigued
  • loss of confidence/unsure of myself
  • stressed/unable to relax
  • hopelessness/things will never improve/despair/loss of power/helpless
  • lack of joy
  • negative/irrational thoughts
  • overwhelmed
  • isolation/loneliness
  • loss of motivation/energy and enthusiasm
  • irritability/agitation/cranky
  • concentration/lack of focus/forgetful
  • lowered self-esteem
  • sleeping problems/insomnia
  • unable to cope/complete tasks
  • guilt and shame
  • want to run away/don’t want to be a mother
  • unable to socialise/withdrawn from family and friends
  • angry outbursts
  • indecisive/changing my mind/confused
  • loss of control/out of control
  • Self-loathing/ Hating self/critical of self
  • appetite changes
  • not caring/numbness
  • resentful of husband
  • attachment or connection to my baby missing
  • scared to leave the house
  • suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • obsessive behaviours i.e. manic about cleaning
  • self-harm

Perhaps one of the most important points about this extensive list is the message that YOU are NOT alone.  There are many women who feel the same way as you, you are not a failure and you are not going insane.  You will get better…

If you are experiencing a few of these symptoms, please go and speak to someone such as your partner, doctor or child health nurse.  Don’t forget that many of these symptoms are experienced by all new mothers at some stage, however, if they have been present for the more than 2 weeks and are affecting your ability to function, please seek some assistance.

Treatment Options

If you have been feeling some of these symptoms for the past 2 weeks, and suspect that you may be suffering from Postnatal Depression and/or anxiety, I suggest that you make an appointment to see your local doctor and tell them how you are feeling. Your doctor will spend some time with you discussing the various treatment options. You can also have a chat with your Child Health Nurse who will be able to offer you suggestions about getting some help

If you are suffering from PND, there are various treatments available for you to consider including psychological counselling, medication and group support programs.