Couples Therapy

Therapy for Couples

Our qualified psychologists not only have the sensitivity, but experience in the provision of couples therapy.

We work with couples to improve their relationship, including communication skills, expressions of affection, and feelings of closeness and intimacy.

Additionally, where difficulties in the couple relationship may be negatively impacting an individual with mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression, couples therapy can assist not only in improving the couple bond but also an individual's psychological wellbeing.

Sometimes Relationships Need Help

Are you longing for the emotional connection and intimacy you once had in your relationship?

Do you miss the feelings that you and your partner had when you first came together?

The quality and success of our lives often links directly to the quality and success of our relationships. A healthy relationship helps us to grow but also needs to be nurtured and sometimes healed.

When we marry, or commit to sharing our lives with another person we don't expect to separate or divorce but making a life with someone else and even perhaps having children, is a big commitment that comes with an enormous emotional investment. The initial excitement and promise sometimes disappears as the honeymoon period fades.

The result can be heart-breaking. We can find ourselves feeling down and lose perspective. We want the good times to return but it can seem impossible to find your way back. Perhaps you feel unloved, maybe even hurt by an affair or a break up, but for whatever reasons communication has broken down.

When To Seek Couples Therapy

If you are experiencing any of the following then you should seriously consider couples therapy:
  • You are not getting the love you want and you want to learn how to get it back
  • The constant bickering between you and your partner makes you weary
  • You are concerned about the effect these conflicts are having on your children
  • You are tired of repeating old patterns in past relationships
  • You feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells for fear of the eruptions
  • You yearn to share quality time together and to be appreciated and not resented
  • You argue about being appreciated, parenting, sex, money and communication without resolution
  • You long for the love and passion that you once felt for one another
  • You can't bear the pain of the relationship and you want to leave
  • The energy that once belonged in your relationship is now focused elsewhere
  • A mental disorder is distressing both of you
  • The relationship is under attack from third parties and your feel helpless
  • You live like strangers instead of trusted friends and lovers
  • Criticism often leaves you both feeling hurt and resentful
  • The look on your children's faces when you argue is heartbreaking
  • You want to sort out issues instead of feeling frustrated from a lack of resolution
  • You want intimacy that leaves you both feeling loved and wanted
  • You want everyone in your family to be the best people they can be

How We Can Help

Our Psychologists will provide you with caring, professional and positively focused counselling to help you rekindle your relationship. We will teach you proven strategies that have helped to mend thousands of relationships. We will show you the practical steps you can take to begin using these strategies in your every day life. These approaches will help you to deal with issues that emerge in the future so that you can both continue to nurture each other and consolidate the gains you make during counselling sessions.

Working together with good will helps create new opportunities for mutual understanding, emotional connection and intimacy. Small, positive gains breed hope and the results can spill over into your relationships with children, extended family, work colleagues and friends, leaving you with a growing sense of encouragement as the new chapter in your relationship unfolds.

Restart Your Future

If you long to feel close again and you want to work together to recover the dreams you once shared then these are some of the ways that our therapy for couples service can help:
  • Create an emotionally safe environment for both of you to have your say
  • Re-establish quality and effective two-way communication to share how you feel
  • Revitalise the sense of cooperation and togetherness in your relationship
  • Identify the things that each of you do which annoys the other
  • Clearly identify the core issues so that you can work together to resolve them
  • Remind one another about the thing you love and value most about one another
  • Identify and help one another fulfil your respective needs once again

Learn To Be Happy Again

Our approach to therapy for couples will teach you how to:
  • Bring consciousness to the unconscious aspects of your relationship
  • Identify and address the roots of conflict in your relationship
  • Create an emotional safe environment for one another to reconnect
  • Identify, respect and meet one another's needs
  • Create deeper connection and intimacy
  • Learn how to be a source of pleasure for one another.
  • Heal wounds and strengthen your relationship
  • Create a nicer home environment for everyone to live in
  • Revitalise your dreams

At Your Service

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