Individual Therapy

Therapy for Individuals

Our dynamic, highly qualified and experienced team of professionals provide a personalised counselling service in a safe and relaxed, confidential, and non-judgemental environment.

Confidential Individual Counselling

Our individual counselling services can help you or any member of your family to work through personal and emotional problems in strict confidence. Our Psychologists approach each client as a unique individual and all of our services are delivered in the strictest of confidence.

As highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of psychological counselling we create collaborative, counsellor-client relationships where the focus is on building psychological strengths and wellbeing as well as the resolution of difficulties and problems. Our clients are assisted to assume control of their lives by developing new perspectives, insights and understanding. As a result they learn to think in new ways, manage difficult emotional experiences more effectively, and practice different coping techniques.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

We have a diverse range of qualifications and experience with significant expertise in the following:

  • Working with adults and children across a range of areas including depression, PND, anxiety, grief and trauma
  • Working with children on the autism spectrum in individual and group settings
  • Providing the Secret Agent Society (SAS), PALS social skills programs
  • Attachment parenting & Circle of Security
  • Educational & Developmental Psychology
  • Sand and play therapy
  • Assessment of intelligence, achievement and behaviour

Common Isues

Common Childhood Issues 

There are a number of childhood issues that we come across most often. These range from Parenting Challenges and Learning Difficulties to Regulating Emotions, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Being Bullied at School, Behavioural Problems, ADHD (Inattentive and/or Hyperactive), Aspergers, Autism as well as Gifted and Talented.  

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Common Adult Psychological Problems

Anxiety and depression are common human experiences that can affect anyone. If you are wondering what the difference is between Anxiety and Depression and think you may need professional help to deal with the way you are feeling then you should seek help. 

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Case Studies

Meet Andrew, Molly and Naomi. Andrew's mum was concerned that he may have ADHD, which turned out to be something else. Molly recently had her first child and moved to a new area and developed Postnatal Depression. Naomi suffered from panic attackes. All were successfully supported through their issues by Lisa Lindley. 

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At Your Service

We offer a warm, friendly and conveniently located environment where you can relax and share your problems in complete confidence. However, if you have mobility issues or if you simply live too far away we also offer a Skype Service for your convenience.

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